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Update – Where Has Smucky Been?

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Hello horror fans! It’s been an age since I made a fresh post. Thought it was about time that I crawled out of the grave and discussed the news: where has Smucky been?

The past two years have been insanely productive and busy, creating new content with which to launch Smucky Productions. In the past months, I have made two films – one feature, one short – both of which have occupied nearly all of my time (in addition to school and work, of course). Now that these films have been completed, I think it’s about time I released more information.

ONE FOR THE ROAD Official Poster

ONE FOR THE ROAD is the first film to be finished. Based on the Stephen King story of the same name, the film takes place in ‘Salem’s Lot after the events of the novel. Two men must venture into the abandoned town to help a stranger find his family… but they soon learn that the nightmarish rumors about the Lot were true.
I made this as a part of NYU, my junior thesis, and using Stephen King’s generous Dollar Baby program that grants limited rights to student filmmaker. It was an insane process – we shot completely at night, mostly in the deep frigid wilderness of the Poconos. All that was worth it just to be able to adapt one of my favorite stories from the King himself. I couldn’t be more excited about that.

Chaos Theory Official Poster

Even more onerous was CHAOS THEORY. This is a feature film, something I was not supposed to make until I get actual financing and blah, blah, blah. I went ahead and did it anyway.
Inspired by Lynch and Lovecraft, it’s a psychological horror about a young woman who is visited by horrific visions in the wake of her best friend’s suicide… and begins to wonder what really caused his death.
This is a passion project for me, as it explores my generation’s responses to the violence and grief that faces us on the news and in life every day. I wrote the first screenplay draft in 2012 before going to NYU. Four drafts and two years later, I began a single-handed pre-pro process and scraped together a 12-day shoot in August 2014. A year later, post has been completed and submissions have been made.
I can say with confidence that this was the most challenging, painful and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. We had very few resources and no time to make this, but we pulled it off, and based on test screening reactions, we did it just right. People discourage filmmakers from creating things guerilla-style, but with a simple enough story and enough dedication, I say it’s fully worth the effort. Why wait until you get your angel investor? I’ll never do it this way again (no one would let me), but to do it once and be proud of the result is enough.

Thus, Smucky has been furiously working away at some new content to unleash on the world this October, when the first festival submissions should be coming out. Stay tuned for more information on that whole business.

It’s been a mad couple of months, but I’m thrilled at what has come out of it. Hopefully you horror fans will be able to see the fruit of this effort soon.

From one ghoul to another, I sign off. Look for more consistent posts, now that I’m not buried beneath this ‘creative’ business.

Fool’s Gold will be available for purchase TOMORROW!

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My debut novel, “Fool’s Gold,” will be available on ebook devices through Amazon and other venues tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for the links and get ready to download!