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“The Unearthed Thing” Published in The Book of Blasphemous Words

Posted in Updates with tags , , , , , , on February 4, 2017 by smuckyproductions

Greetings, ghouls! Many days have passed since the last post – I’ve been busy relocating Los Angeles and attending the Sundance Film Festival (read my reviews for Bloody Disgusting here).

But horrors are still brewing, and we bring you a fresh piece of news from the crypt. My original story, “The Unearthed Thing,” has been published in the anthology The Book of Blasphemous Words.


The anthology consists of “weird fiction, horror, and speculative fiction about humanity’s relationship with its gods.” “The Unearthed Thing” fits this theme – it recounts the downfall of a small farming town after a strange artifact begins possessing the youths, turning them into agents of a sexual force that hungers for vengeance. It’s satirical, it’s nasty, and it’s totally obscene.

CLICK HERE to order a copy of the anthology, and read the story for yourself!

Stay tuned for more news from the dark lights of Hollywood; and watch out for developing projects from Smucky’s Grave.

“On the Way Home” Published in 9TALES TOLD IN THE DARK #9

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Delayed but good news from the grave!

On January 22nd, my original short story ON THE WAY HOME was published in 9 TALES TOLD IN THE DARK #9.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.42.11 a.m.

The story examines the uncanny mundanity of the suburbs as a boy gets lost on his way home, but soon finds that beneath normality lurks the greatest monsters. (Inspired by an incident when I did indeed get lost in a suburb where everything looked the same.)

CLICK HERE to read “On the Way Home,” along with many others!