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Only ONE DAY LEFT until CHAOS THEORY premieres! Smucky can’t contain his excitement.

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It’s finally the weekend. You know what that means. Time for a new MINUTE MORBIDITIES.

Here we have an unusual dinner guest in CHICKEN:

Share the scare, and tune in next Friday for a new grotesque treat!


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Ever want to run away? We know that feeling. So does the unfortunate protagonist of the latest MINUTE MORBIDITIES.

Watch ESCAPE here:

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Stay tuned for a new episode next Friday.

Horror Heaven at Sundance 2016

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Throughout this week and the beginning of next, Smucky will be attending the cinephile’s dream: Sundance Film Festival.

As many horror aficionados know, Sundance is home to Park City at Midnight – a selection of 9 films that explore dark, weird, and often gory places. Representing Smucky, I will be first in line for as many screenings of these films as I can manage.

My two most anticipated are:



Produced by Drafthouse Films and SpectreVision, this horror comedy promises to upend the slasher stereotypes with a father-son tale – marred by the appearance of a particularly oily murderer. If these companies’ previous films are any indication, this one will be utterly bizarre, unique, and fun.



Richard Bates splashed boldly onto the horror scene with 2012’s EXCISION. Now he returns to Sundance with a relationship comedy that goes very, very far south. With a super cool cast and Bates’s notable suburban aesthetic, TRASH FIRE will offer Americana nightmares, and probably a few laughs as well.

Hopefully I will also get to see UNDER THE SHADOW, a Middle Eastern demon thriller; ANTIBIRTH, a surreal drug-trip nightmare; and possibly YOGA HOSERS, Kevin Smith’s latest comedic-horrific effort.

Stay tuned for reviews and general festival anecdotes – it’s an exciting lineup, and I am so grateful to be here!


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Happy Friday, ghouls! Need a little lovin’ to keep you warm this winter?

Check out a new MINUTE MORBIDITIES, called BEDMATE:

Get all warm and fuzzy, and share in the morbid.

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Greetings, ghouls! Ever feel that prickle on your neck that makes you wonder… is someone following me?

Today’s episode, FOLLOWER, is for you:

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Happy Freakish Friday, everyone! To quench that weekend thirst, here is a new MINUTE MORBIDITIES.

Drink up, and SHARE THE SCARE!

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