After 10 years of hiding, a man confronts the salesman to whom he sold his soul, unaware that the demon has fallen in love with him. Made in 2018.

Though her stoner friends insist that it’s just for laughs, a young woman suspects that a creepy religious puppet show may be approaching a sinister revelation. Made in 2017.

A goofy, grotesque homage to Eurohorror classics; three friends succumb to fear and frenzy in the woods as they fall under the spell of Bacchus. Made in 2016.

ONE FOR THE ROAD Official Poster

Made in 2015, based on the short story by Stephen King. Due to copyright law, the full film cannot be posted here.

Made at Sundance 2016. Winner of Best Editing, Best Performance and Best Director in the Creative Mind Group “We Made It in Sundance” competition.

Made in 2011. Ben Larned’s accepted NYU submission film.

Made in 2010, winner of the Scholastic Silver Key.

Made in 2014 for a documentary class at NYU.

Made in 2009, winner of the Scholastic Gold Key and an honorable mention for sound design at the Rocky Mountain Student FF.

A series of films exploring phobias and their effects. Made in 2013 for NYU.

Made in 2011.

Made in 2010.

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