A Halloween Preview

Ah, October. The breeze whispers coolly through the dying leaves, carrying the scent of fire and rain and pumpkin guts, prophesying the darker days to come. An omen we wait for all year round. And now it is upon us.


This, as you all can tell, is a horror blog. And October is the month of horror. Thus, to honor my favorite holiday (and to avoid the wrath of Samhain), I will be writing daily posts recommending films, books, and various other delights that encapsulate for me the atmosphere of this time.


(a word of advice – this month, watch the foliage)

So, FOLLOW THIS BLOG! for a curation of Halloween delicacies and rituals to make this month the spookiest of the year. I have spent far too much personal time culminating the things that evoke the spirit(s) of October. Now, I will share my discoveries with you lovely horror fans.

Light your candles. Close your curtains. Pray that nothing is watching through the window. And prepare to indulge in the glory that is All Hallow’s Eve.

With love from your ever-creeping ghoul,



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