Official KRAMPUS Trailer Released

This is some deliriously exciting news.

For most horror fans, 2009’s TRICK ‘R TREAT was the Halloween dream that we didn’t know we were missing. Michael Dougherty made a beautiful name for himself in the horror community, with talks of a sequel and other projects. But then… all news went quiet.

Now, at last, Mr. Dougherty has graced us with yet another holiday-themed horror fest: KRAMPUS, based on one of the weirdest legends out there. For those who aren’t familiar with it already, the trailer gives a decent overview. Basically, it’s the Scandinavian Anti-Claus, stalking around on huge hoofs and sporting awful horns, looking for bad kiddies to punish in while his counterpart spreads cheer.

Judging by the trailer, this looks like a classic horror-comedy in the vein of the last film – meaning, it allows itself to be both funny and scary without sacrificing one over the other. That mix of genre is rarely seen anymore, pushed out by solely ‘so-bad-its-good’ midnight fare.

I’m thrilled to see that the film will follow in the tradition of “Trick ‘R Treat,” in its gleefully messed up story and wacky visuals (see evil teddy bear and jaw-unhinged clown thing in trailer). Perhaps Mr. Krampus and good ol’ Sam are collaborators in this whole follow-the-rules-or-die type of scenario. Here’s to hoping that this film lives up to its predecessor’s success and gives us a good, cheerful bloodfest for Christmas.


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